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One of the most important factors for the long-term preservation of the value of your property is the sustainable protection of the building fabric

The professional implementation of building protection measures for the renovation and repair of buildings places high demands on the specialist company carrying out the work and the materials used. As a non-licensed company, we only use the best products from various well-known German manufacturers.

Swiss Renovation GmbH is able to respond flexibly to the wishes of our customers and to realize them precisely.
The implementation of the individual services is coordinated with the results of the damage analysis.

We carry out the basic elements of a damage analysis, including an inspection of your property, measurement of indoor humidity and determination of salt contamination, including photographic documentation, free of charge.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What does building protection mean? Why building protection with Swiss Renovation GmbH?

Building protection refers to all measures that help to repair structural damage caused by moisture or cracks. The restoration of your building fabric is the task of building protection. In addition to waterproofing work, this also includes mold damage restoration and the repair of salt-damaged plaster.

  • External waterproofing is the waterproofing protection of components in contact with the ground against

  • Interior waterproofing is an alternative waterproofing protection against damp walls and wet cellars.

  • Restoration plaster is the restoration and protection of masonry with plaster.

  • Mold remediation is mold removal and mold control as well as sustainable prevention of mold growth.

  • Klimaplatten is against condensation, mould formation and for an optimized indoor climate and helps to save energy.

  • Horizontal barrier is the prevention of capillary rising damp through masonry.

  • Construction drying – water damage repair and mechanical construction drying.

  • Concrete refurbishment

  • Concrete repair

  • Crack restoration

  • Coating the floors

  • Floor coverings

  • Renovation plaster

  • Joints

Balcony renovation and modernization

Balcony renovation:

No part of the living area is as exposed to wind and weather as the balcony. Penetrating moisture and high temperature fluctuations can have fatal consequences. Balcony renovation is often unavoidable, not only in terms of appearance, but also for safety reasons. Depending on the type and extent of damage, various renovation techniques are used to repair the balcony structure.

Common measures include replacing damaged components such as old railings or tiles and renewing waterproofing and floor coverings. If necessary, concrete restoration must be carried out. This includes the removal of carbonized areas and the profiling of defects and breakouts in the balcony slabs.

Balcony modernization:

A renovation often also offers the opportunity to modernize the balcony fundamentally and thus increase its utility value. The main difference between modernization and refurbishment is that there is no
Specific reason for repair
gives. This includes, for example, replacing floor coverings, installing an awning for sun protection or a privacy wall to the neighboring balcony. The addition of a balcony also counts as modernization.

At Swiss Renovation GmbH, we pay attention to the standard-compliant execution of balcony renovations and are very familiar with current and all proven methods. Our specialist staff ensure quality and thus guarantee an attractive and robust result in the long term.