Coating is a manufacturing process by applying an adhesive layer of shapeless material to the substrate.

This includes exterior and interior waterproofing work as well as crack injection or curtain injection. The sealing work permanently protects the surface against moisture penetration.

We use a proven coating system for long-lasting protection.

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Buildings are exposed to the weather:

This causes minor and major damage to the building. Such damage must be repaired with renovation measures. We use highly reactive resins for the coating, which dry quickly and can be further processed after a short time.

We use epoxy resin to coat industrial floors and concrete floors. We use epoxy resin mortar to repair holes, joints and cracks in concrete floors.

Swiss Renovation GmbH is your experienced partner if you would like to have waterproofing carried out. Challenge us, we will be happy to advise you on your individual solution!

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Building protection
Concrete protection: