Climate boards for interior insulation

Climate panels no more mold! Calcium silicate boards against mold Pleasant living comfort - no more mold Moisture measurement:

For meaningful results in moisture measurement, you should rely on professional support. Our latest technologies enable

Swiss Renovation GmbH provides accurate humidity measurements. Each moisture measurement is carried out by a highly qualified technician and documented in a detailed report. An undeniable advantage of this is that, as a rule, the appropriate measures for drying or removing mould from the walls can be initiated immediately


Climate panel/ calcium silicate panel/ calcium silicate panel:

Depending on the design, the climate panel can serve different and multiple purposes at the same time, such as indoor climate, mold prevention and interior insulation. Due to its special properties, it can even contribute to higher thermal conductivity. In addition to in-depth information, Swiss Renovation GmbH also offers the opportunity to have our team of experts work out customized solutions to the respective problem.

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Interior insulation and climate board

There are two different types of internal insulation:

- With capillary-active insulation, the insulation absorbs moisture and releases it back into the room. - With interior insulation with a vapor barrier, no warm room air enters the insulation level and therefore cannot condense in the insulation and cause problems.

Both systems prevent condensation.

This is because if moisture penetrates the insulation from the inside and hits the cooler outer wall, it condenses and can cause mold. Capillary-active systems absorb the moisture and return it to the room via their capillaries. This keeps the wall dry. A vapor barrier, on the other hand, prevents moisture from penetrating the insulation.

With interior insulation, the use of thermal insulation material provides an opportunity, in addition to the usual energy-saving methods, to and heat efficiency to significantly reduce energy requirements using very economical methods. Climate boards insulate and are extremely capillary-active at the same time. This also works in extreme conditions, so there is no mold growth on the panel or between the wall and the panel.

If you want to be protected against mold growth, use calcium silicate panels. They have a high water absorption capacity and do not offer any surfaces for mold to attack. Due to their positive properties, indoor climate panels are used in house renovations and offer an ideal solution for damp walls in basements, for example. The simple processing of Schimmeltech is a major advantage.

Properties of the climate control panel:

Moisture is absorbed from the air

Climate panels are non-combustible

Surface temperature is increased

Building biologically harmless

The panels are dimensionally stable

Removes the breeding ground for mold, as it is inorganic

The moisture is absorbed, buffered and released