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Fatiguerespiratory illness and headaches are typical symptoms of mould infestation  in rooms.

Health or illness?

TheLining includes the internal insulation of walls,  ceiling and floor slab with air conditioning panels. It is important to consult a specialist. WeSwiss Renovation GmbH, we will take a look at your project directly on site, analyze and advise you on insulation materials and make you a free and non-binding offer!

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Interior insulation

Climate panels or calcium silicate panels are often used for successful and long-term control of mold, the panels are energy efficient and are suitable for conventional thermal insulation. The heat is retained, which in turn reduces energy costs. Insulation on the inside also contributes to a considerable improvement in the indoor climate. As a non-combustible material, they also improve fire protection and are harmless to health and suitable for allergy sufferers. The panels are environmentally safe and can therefore be ecologically recycled.

Calcium silicate is a mineral-based building material and has neither an odor nor a color. Calcium silicate boards are permeable and capillary-active. Calcium silicate is not soluble in water. Moisture from the room air does not settle on the materials thanks to the calcium silicate panels, but is absorbed and actively transferred.

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