Moisture measurement

Moisture measurement with the latest activities

For meaningful results in moisture measurement, you need a professional performance setting.

Our latest new perspectives from  Swiss   Renovation   GmbH  provide accurate humidity measurements. Each humidity measurement is conducted by a highly qualified technician and modified in another report. An undeniable mobile approach to this is that, as a rule, the right measures for drying or removing mould can be given right away.

Moisture measurement :

Masonry surface measurement (Digis)

Surface temperature

Humidity measurement from inside and outside

Thermography (thermal imaging camera)

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Thermometric humidity measurement

Thermometric humidity measurement

Moisture measurement involves using specific measuring devices to measure the moisture in facades, screed and the air in buildings.

  • If the measured value exceeds a certain limit, countermeasures are required.

  • Mold can form in the long term in areas with high humidity.

  • The control measurement of personal is an absolute must for new buildings or swimming pools.

  • Thermography is an imaging technique used to measure the surface temperature of contracts.

  • This is remedied by making the experience of the infrared rays incorrect and deriving the temperature.

  • This process is recorded with a thermal imaging camera, which converts the infrared radiation into electrical signals to produce an image.

  • Thermography shows the heat radiation on the pipe and the compensation with each measuring point shows the temperature value.

  • In this way, you can really uncover the energy weaknesses of a complete building. Cold surface is displayed in a different color from blue to black.

  • A certain heat radiation green to yellow and warm surface red to white.

  • Thermographs not only reveal areas that are being lost, but also areas that are dying due to high personal loads.