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In the case of mould infestation, professional mould remediation by expert management is required. Gift substances that may be provided by mushrooms can pose a possible health hazard. Various disabilities are also able to have an impact on a person’s health.

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Damage to health due to mold:

Mold in the home is not only unsightly, but also very hazardous to health. Visible and invisible mold can cause serious and even permanent illnesses. If the spores enter the human body through inhalation, allergic reactions can often be observed, such as sneezing attacks, coughing, asthma or bronchial complaints: This can result in sneezing fits, coughing, asthma or bronchial complaints. Other symptoms that can occur as a result of mold are persistent headaches, sleep disorders and burning eyes. It can also lead to severe sensory disturbances and severe fatigue. Molds can also affect organs such as the lungs, stomach, intestines and nervous system. The health of immunocompromised persons, allergy sufferers, pregnant women or children is particularly at risk. The likelihood of suffering various damages due to the influence of mold is particularly high in people at risk. Swiss Renovation GmbH is your specialist for mold removal! With years of experience and the use of highly effective methods, you are guaranteed a long-term mold-free home

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The team at Swiss Renovation GmbH as a certified specialist company and expert for mold and waterproofing is at your disposal with professional expertise and reliable execution in mold control and wall drying.

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Mold Cause:

Mold Cause:

Mold growth is significantly influenced by moisture. For example, mold can spread in living spaces due to a damp house wall or as a result of everyday activities such as cooking or showering. Inadequate or incorrect ventilation can often lead to the formation of mold. In addition to incorrect ventilation, building defects are often enough to blame for mold growth in the home. These can be, for example, leaking pipes or leaking roofs, cellars and cracks in the façade. Moisture in the masonry, such as burst water hoses or pipes, can also cause mold growth.

Step 1: Immediate measures

Schimmeltech will carry out a free initial inspection at your premises. Different measurements are taken. Thermography can help in the analysis to track down the exact cause of the extent of the mold infestation. With the help of the thermal imaging camera images and a recording of the climate data in the room, it can be shown whether there is a building defect or user misconduct Visible mold infestation should be remediated as quickly as possible by a qualified specialist in order to prevent the damage from getting worse.

Step 2: Seal off

Sealing off with airlock systems ensures that the damaged area is effectively cordoned off. No health risks for residents and users are to be expected if the affected areas are permanently and effectively separated from indoor areas by suitable partitioning. In addition, the possible contamination of entire buildings by mold spores in the event of demolition is prevented.

Step 3: Eliminate

The mold spores are primarily bound so that the flight of spores is very limited. The bionic infestation is then milled off using a plaster cutter. Knock off heavily contaminated plaster. The remediation of mold damage includes drying the masonry. If the masonry is still damp after the mold infestation has been removed, the mold can grow again. In the course of the refurbishment, our aim is to work in a way that preserves as much of the building's substance as possible and to quickly restore the building to its original condition. The milled components are then restored with plaster. The components can be coated again. With mineral indoor climate panels, we regulate recurring condensation moisture and free you from the symptoms of mold infestation.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Mold on the wall is a common issue and problem in apartments and houses. Mold often appears very conspicuous on the wall and is therefore usually noticed quickly. Mold is generally a microorganism. It settles on a breeding ground such as walls. Even ordinary house dust is enough to cause mold to develop. What we know as green or black spots on the wall or other things are the spores and fungal threads. These spread over time, are usually small circles at first and then grow into a carpet of fungi if mold control is not carried out.

Mold is the name given to special fungi, of which there are several thousand species.

Typical of molds are their filamentous growth and the formation of microscopically tiny spores, which can be found almost everywhere. Like other living organisms, molds can only grow and multiply if certain conditions are met.

They are extremely hardy and can survive for years even in dry environments. However, they need moisture to grow.

Mold fungi are very adaptable and find sufficient living conditions even at low humidity levels in occupied buildings.

Regardless of the cause of the mold, immediate action should be taken as soon as it is detected. A mold removal company, such as Swiss Renovation, should be called in to completely remove the mold and then remediate the affected areas. It is important to work with as little dust as possible during all remediation measures in order to keep the spread of mold spores with the dust and through the air as low as possible.
During all work, our employees pay attention to health and safety regulations as well as to an effective and at the same time material-friendly working method.

As a certified specialist company and expert for mold and waterproofing, the Swiss Renovation GmbH team is at your disposal with professional expertise and reliable workmanship in mold control and wall drying.