Mold remediation – mold remediation

Mold remediation:

Mold indoors is still an underestimated danger.

The causes are manifold, e.g. moisture entering from outside or condensation moisture due to inadequate thermal insulation or incorrect use. Where mold grows, it smells unpleasantly musty, which reduces the quality of living in the affected room.

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The spores in the air can endanger your health.

In principle, complete removal and remediation of existing mold is recommended, as well as preventive measures to avoid new infestation. Mold can only be permanently eliminated by professional remediation. For this reason, finding and eliminating the cause is always part of a refurbishment in the case of

If a mold remediation is not carried out professionally, this can lead to considerable health risks for the residents.

Improper renovation also carries the risk of mold reappearing and endangering the building fabric.

To avoid this, it is important that the contracted company has the appropriate expertise. Swiss Renovation Ltd. has been taking care of mold remediation for many years. Refurbishment is always carried out in compliance with health and safety regulations as well as legal, economic and ecological guidelines.

This guarantees that mold remediation at Swiss Renovation GmbH is carried out in an extremely sensitive, thorough and environmentally friendly manner.