Crack repair

Anyone who discovers a crack in the brickwork of their own home becomes nervous.

All cracks allow moisture to penetrate the building and can lead to mold growth and problems with the statics of the building and must be treated by a specialist.
In order to repair cracks professionally, we at Swiss Renovation GmbH look at the damage on site in order to select the right option for crack repair.

Swiss Renovation GmbH specializes in water pressure damage

Integral capillary sealing system based on crystallization.

Used in underground car parks, swimming pools, waterworks, dams, tunnels, subway railroads and cellars.
Swiss Renovation GmbH specializes in water pressure damageWater pressure damage with crystallized waterproofing

The crystallization-based waterproofing system for concrete is applied as a positive or negative waterproofing (counter pressure) or added to the concrete mix as an additive when building new structures and guarantees protection of the concrete structure even in contact with groundwater and against water pressure and ensures high resistance to chemical solutions and contamination in the soil.

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The most important advantages:

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Profound effect:

Becomes part of the and has a lifelong effect

The chemical reaction begins as soon as the material is applied to the damp concrete. Crystals penetrate the cement substrate and permanently seal the material against the penetration of water or chemicals.