Fire damage restoration

With the knowledge of Swiss Renovation GmbH, you receive immediate and professional damage management, which saves you the carry-over of contaminants and toxins.

In the event of fire damage, quick action is required to minimise and repair consequential damage such as flue gas condensates.

First of all, an assessment with our specialist fromSwiss Renovation GmbHInstead of. The extent, urgency and necessary immediate measures are determined there.

As a rule the following work:

Suction of water


Removal of soot

Household clearance and decluttering

As a professional service provider, we support you from drawing up a schedule through to the collection and disposal of bulky waste.


Swiss Renovation GmbH has all the necessary certificates and permits for environmentally friendly disposal.

A fire leaves its mark. Secondary effects such as damage caused by smoke, oxidation and extinguishing water must therefore also be eliminated. First, soot-damaged parts of the building are decontaminated and equipment is removed, cleaned, sanitized and returned to the site, where the smell of fire has been removed in the meantime. At the same time, we are starting to restore the building to its original condition.

Swiss Renovation GmbH is one of the experts in fire damage restoration and has a wealth of knowledge in the restoration of this often extreme damage. That’s why it’s important to have experts on site to assist you with initial measures, restoration planning and during the restoration of the fire damage.