Water damage restoration

Drying of water damage:

Defective or unused seals are usually the cause of moisture ingress. Mold can develop after just 10-14 days, so it is important to act as quickly as possible.
As soon as the cause of the water damage has been eliminated, the masonry is professionally dried using professional equipment.
When drying water damage, Swiss Renovation works with air and heat. Depending on the building material in the masonry, an optimum combination must be used.

Step 1: Installing the air intake hoses

Swiss Renovation will suck the air out of the damp insulation layer via hoses using a suitable drying system. This takes place either via edge joints or via a special air intake opening.

Step 2: Drying

The drying system will dry the air flowing through the underlay floor edge joints under the screed and remove the moisture from the insulation layer and all cavities.

Step 3: Measure/check

We carry out regular control measurements to determine how far the drying process has progressed and whether it is being carried out thoroughly.