Have you become bored with your property?

Or have you bought a new property and don't like it?

Swiss Renovation GmbH will assist you in every step of your modernization and guide you to your dream property with good ideas.


What is modernization?

does not just mean bringing a building up to date with the latest equipment. Modernization generally increases the utility or residential value of the building. Extensive savings in energy and water costs can also be a successful modernization.
Swiss Renovation summarizes the most important modernization steps.
Think about which measures are most important to you so that you end up with a picture of what you like about the property and what you would like to change.
We recommend that you always make a note of your new ideas, because important details can be determined from the notes.
We provide our customers with the following information to ensure optimum and professional modernization.

  • How many people use the room?
  • Do you need a lot of space or rather a lot of storage space?

  • Which components should be replaced?

  • Should the room be child-friendly, pet-friendly, easy-care, energy-saving or all of the above?

Consulting ⇒ Analysis ⇒ Cause ⇒ Sustainable renovation

You are welcome to contact us so that we can support you in the realization of your property as a competent specialist partner.