Painting work / varnishing

Swiss Renovation GmbH undertakes all varnishing and painting work.

  • Swiss Renovation GmbH is your competent partner for all interior painting work, whether refurbishment, renovation or modernization.

  • Swiss Renovation GmbH always works at the cutting edge of technology and our team consists exclusively of well-trained specialists.

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Painting work

Painting work is extremely versatile, because every customer order is individual, we take on the work of interior design with color for you. Whether wallpaper or wall paint. This includes painting ceilings and walls as well as wallpapering; it is also important to prepare the substrate accordingly.
Facade painting, interior painting, plastering and painting work are versatile and individual. A change in color and texture makes rooms appear in a completely new light.

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With professional precision and attention to detail, we create your individual feel-good walls from raw surfaces.