Basement waterproofing

Further procedures for cellar renovation from the inside

In addition to horizontal waterproofing, there are other procedures for renovating the inside of the basement:

  • Veil injection
    The wall is drilled through from the inside to the outside and a sealant is integrated between the ground and the wall.

  • Plaster restoration
    Renovation plaster is suitable as an accompanying measure and forms the conclusion of the cellar renovation.
  • With a high pore volume, the plaster ensures that the harmful salts are absorbed into the structure of the plaster and stored there so that the salts cannot damage the masonry. Restoration plaster is particularly suitable as it is water-repellent and permeable to water vapor.
  • Barrier plaster ensures that water can no longer evaporate by blocking the moisture in the wall.

As a result, the moisture rises more and the damage only shifts to another location.