Garage waterproofing

Waterproofing is a central part of any garage.

It prevents moisture from penetrating the roof and causing damage to the load-bearing structure. Waterproofing in the floor area also prevents water from entering the garage from outside. Before you start waterproofing the garage, you should first check the cause of the damp. Most garages have a flat roof that is exposed to the elements. If there are leaks here, this can irreparably damage the fabric of the building. In the floor area, wooden garages in particular must be protected against moisture from the substrate. For this purpose, a bitumen membrane seal is usually installed between the floor and the lower edge of the garage walls. This prevents rising damp.

With our modern concepts and solutions, we at Swiss Renovation GmbH can reliably seal any building. In addition to weather resistance and watertightness, we also take the stability of the solutions into account. Technically, you can expect the most modern and high-quality implementations.

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