Negative sealing

Negative sealing

With negative sealing, the water is not prevented from entering the component, but from escaping. The seal is applied to the opposite side of the component that is exposed to water.

Pressure water damage with crystallized waterproofing

The crystallization-based waterproofing system for concrete is applied as a positive or negative waterproofing (counter pressure) or added to the concrete mix as an additive when building new structures and guarantees protection of the concrete structure even in contact with groundwater and against water pressure and ensures high resistance to chemical solutions and contamination in the soil.

The system is a technology that acts on the entire thickness of the structure, is active in the long term, draws moisture out of the ground, is inexpensive, flexible and guarantees a long service life for the structure.

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Negative waterproofing includes surface injection with low-viscosity gels or resins, including mineral two-component waterproofing slurries are suitable for waterproofing cellars from the inside. Refurbishment is as simple as it is efficient. First, the diffusion-open, mineral slurry is applied in layers to the affected area, then the breathable barrier plaster is applied.

With surface injection, the wall is drilled 5 cm less than the wall thickness, depending on its condition. The drill holes are blown out and then injection packers are screwed in. The gel or resin is then injected into the drill holes using an injection pump and distributed in the masonry, after which the injection packers are unscrewed and the drill holes sealed.

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